Saturday, 7 July 2012


Hello. Here is a live Buchla tweak. And some flashing Buchla-lights

Word of the Week #38

In A Fast German Car 2

Speaking of fast german cars, I just got this back from being resprayed. Soundtrack recorded on my way home last night

In A Fast German Car

Sam (Diagrams) has been in the studio for a couple of days this week working on some new tracks. Which reminded me that we did a track together a few months ago - a cover of Radiohead's Airbag for a magazine cover CD. Here is a pleasantly literal video someone has put up on the tube


I mentioned a few posts ago that the I Dream of Wires doc people came to the studio, well here are some nice hi-res pics that they took, from their Facebook page

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wrangle On

Phil bought down his Roland TR626 and found some patterns he made in 1987! (the last time he used it) I connected the clock out to the Moog system and Mal messed with the Kaos

Dim And Dimmer

I went crazy today and replaced all the light-dimmer knobs in my house with vintage Buchla style ones...

I Dream Of Wires!

The lovely folk behind the upcoming documentary film about modular synthesisers I Dream Of Wires came round to the studio to do some interviews. As I'm sure you already know, the film takes it's name from a Gary Numan song (from the 1980 album Telekon)

Left to right: Numan, Solvent (Jason Amm), Robert Fantinatto

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Audio Gold

Me and Phil (AKA Wrangler) played a mini-gig in London's finest vintage Hi-Fi shop last week AUDIO GOLD. We used real analog synths and stuff, it was really fun! 

Below are some vids and at the bottom a recording of our set (the recording is of our dress rehearsal which we did in the studio)

The shop is really amazing with tons of beautiful old Hi-Fi equipment everywhere. Dancon-one came in and mapped the room on his computer so he could then customise his incredible visual projections - Nice work!

Phil was on samples and Chaos Pad and I was using a rack of Moog-format modules (including analog sequencer) an Arp Omni and delay pedals. The whole thing was being driven by a Boss DR55 drum machine


I decided I would pimp my Buchla a bit with some vintage style knobs for the many potentiometers on board. Xpander organised a group-buy over on muffwigglers forum because Rogan, the company who make the beautiful 1970s era Buchla knobs, only make them to order now - with a minimum order of a trillion or something. The black knobs as used on the Buchla 100 series modules as well as some of the earlier 200 series modules are made by Davies and are still a stock item. I think they are both really cool looking and I like them co-existing in a system. The first thing I did was swap out all 24 pots on the 255. Below is a self-playing patch that me and Biba made