Saturday, 18 May 2013

My Type

UPDATE: Cool! The other two arrived today as well

On my return from tour I had the pleasant surprise that the typewriter had arrived that I bought on ebay while I was away. Isn't she a beauty? I used it for the typed bit on the design for the previous post...

BYE Radio Show No.6

Here is a new selection of music for you to listen to. Its all about the algorithms today

The Maths - Pattern Puzzle
Mileece - Formations
John Adams - Light Over Water
John Elliott / Transmusic (music made using cellular automata) - Crecur0
Steve Reich & Pat Metheny - Fast
Benge - Electro-Orgoustic Music Track 7 (from my first album)

The BYE Radio Show 6 - "Matrices, Automata & Patterns" by Zagoba on Mixcloud

British Buildings

More tour snaps, this time a selection of buildings, good, bad, beautiful and ugly

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What A Lauf

When we were in Glasgow, John and Han and I popped down to GoMA, as we like to try and check out the local artefacts if we have time in a big city. We were captivated by a showing of this wonderful 1987 film by artists Fischli/Weiss, called Der Lauf der Dinge. What a magical and wondrous piece of work - please watch it all the way through