Thursday, 5 September 2013

Forms Video

Forms - Series One

I am starting a new series of occasional releases over on my bandcamp page. Its going to be a series of full albums based around one synthesiser / electronic system per album. A bit like Twenty Systems if it were One System, if you see what I mean

The first release is pure Buchla 100, with no other processing, sequencing, effecting or sound sourcing. This is 100% vintage 1960s discrete analog sound recorded direct to disk in 24 bits. You can download uncompressed or mp3 audio, a PDF booklet and a picture of the Buchla system HERE

Hope you like it

Monday, 2 September 2013

Mysterious Sounds

There were some mysterious sounds emanating from the studio last week...

Moog Girls

Also saw this over on matrixsynth, via the Moog Music Inc FB page. Its a great pic of an as yet unidentified Moog Girl from the 1960s

Which strongly reminded me of this pic that I took of Hannah a while ago:

Bed Knobs


Via matrixsynth